Modern Sales Pros Panel: Aligning Sales & Presales Teams

In a recent digital panel moderated by the Founder of Modern Sales Pros (Pete Kazanjy), our CEO (Gabriella DeFlorio) was joined by the Head of Global Technical & Sales Enablement at (Janelle Todd) to discuss sales and presales alignment. In their session, they shared simple and tactical ways to better align your sales team with their technical counterparts.

Topics Covered

  • First principles of sales & presales alignment
  • Why is it so difficult to get right?
  • How can you think about building alignment and engagement from the ground up?
  • Tactical advice for sales leaders to implement and improve alignment today

Key Takeaways from the Panelists

  • Rules of engagement: be crystal clear and intentional about roles and responsibilities in all aspects of the sales process and who is responsible for what in each part.
  • Invest in enablement so each role has sufficient product knowledge to participate in each step of the sales process.
  • Be customer-centric: whether you’re an account executive (AE) or sales engineer (SE), make sure that the customer’s journey is most important.
  • Align through training: teach the technique of discovery each role will do (AE vs SE) at the same time.
  • Invest in the technical skill level of your AEs: the more you expand what they can cover, the better your team alignment will be!


Team Prelay