Running Your complex deals just got easier

With everyone connected in one team selling platform, you can speed up revenue cycles and increase win rates, while reducing operating costs. Say goodbye to siloed processes in emails, channels, and docs, and hello to visibility across your revenue playbook.

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Running Complex

Build a framework for flawless deal execution

To sustain growth, you need to sell more with less. Prelay makes it easy to guide your team to success across the deal cycle, with unparalleled visibility, execution, and overall reporting.

Project Management

Find predictability across complex deal stages

Drive repeatable success across your high-stakes evaluations, technical sales, and opportunity planning. Build data-backed templates that shorten ramp time and recreate your most successful deals.

Google Sheet
Google Doc
Resource Management
Resource Management

Lower operating costs with optimal deal support

Engage Deal Desk, Presales, Overlays, and Leadership at the right time with automated routing and integrated alerts. Provide a centralized space for internal teams to tackle every task alongside of sales reps.

Deal Dashboards
Deal Dashboards

Track internal team execution beyond the rep

Understand where deals stand in real time across any department or stakeholder. Deliverable SLAs and customer journey milestones accurately predict the team’s path to closing revenue.

Track internal team execution beyond the rep

Increase transparency & accountability at every step

Receive updates and alerts in the core software you use every day. With upfront deal context, stakeholders can take action in just a few clicks – and know if things are blocked.

Increase transparency & accountability
Revenue Insight
Revenue Insights

Enhance your CRM with game-changing data

Collect granular reporting on team involvement throughout the full sales lifecycle. Measure individual capacity and tie activity to revenue impact, so you can focus resources where they matter most.

Automation & AI

Sell more with less work

Prelay’s automation hub empowers revenue team admins to build custom routing trees for requests, configure deal health alerts, and sync key data fields with your core business systems.

We integrate with your favorite software

Prelay fits within current workflows, providing a great experience for every team member involved in the deal.

and more...
Enterprise-ready & compliant

Learn how Prelay drives security and data privacy across our team and product development.

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What Revenue Leaders Say About Prelay

“Prelay helps increase our conversion rate of POCs, technical wins through providing me & other leaders with granular POC data reporting visibility and our SEs a place to execute efficiently.”

Mark Rytwinski
Vice President Global Sales Engineering, Field CISO/CTO
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“As our business grew, we lacked good visibility into the status of complex deals, including many six-figure opportunities. We saw a lot of value in Prelay as a centralized deal management platform.”

Jennifer C.
VP of Revenue Operations and Enablement
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“In Prelay, you know what to do, it’s quicker to ask for help from another team, and reporting to the customer is automatically updated. No other sales software simplifies all these workflows so elegantly.”

Marius Koestler
Chief Commercial Officer
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"Prelay streamlines the sales tech stack and drives collaborative sales motion across the organization. Anyone with complex sales cycles needs to learn the Prelay method."

Weisen Li
VP of RevOps at ActiveCampaign, Narvar, Box
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