SaaScast Podcast: Driving Revenue Beyond Sales

Team Prelay
Prelay is the world's first purpose-built team selling platform.
September 29, 2023

Prelay CEO Gabriella DeFlorio sat down with Future of SaaS on their SaaScast Podcast to discuss sales goals, revenue OKRs, and why timing is so important.

Your entire company should be focused on serving your customers and driving revenue in order to make sure the business is successful. In a recent episode of the SaaScast Podcast by Future of SaaS, Prelay's CEO (Gabriella DeFlorio) sat down with Gemma Davies to discuss the importance of aligning an entire company to drive revenue, not just the sales team, as well as the steps you can take today towards that goal.

Topics Covered

  • Developing revenue goals
  • Constructing company OKRs to support sales teams
  • Sales-led vs marketing first approach to acquiring new customers
  • Why timing is so important for sales content

Key Takeaways

  • There are no finish lines in sales
  • Breaking down silos is key to establishing company-wide alignment
  • It's important to make everyone at the company a product expert

More on Aligning Teams

While it's important to keep the sales team and non-revenue driving teams aligned, you also need to keep individual revenue teams on the same page, especially the sales and presales teams. Check out Gabriella's recent panel with Modern Sales Pros for practical tips you can take to make sure your sales process and the teams involved are in sync: Modern Sales Pros Panel - Aligning Sales & Presales Teams.

Team Prelay
Prelay is the world's first purpose-built team selling platform.

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