Prelay for Microsoft Teams

Prelay's team selling software enables your revenue team and its internal stakeholders to work together effectively so you can drive more revenue faster as a team. Connect Prelay and Microsoft Teams to streamline your team's workflows.

With the Prelay App for Microsoft Teams, you can do the following:

  • Receive notifications about activity in Prelay, such as being assigned an Assist or being added as a Stakeholder to a Play
  • Respond to a comment notification with your own message directly from Microsoft Teams
  • Change the status of an Assist from an Assist notification
  • Create Assists using the Prelay button in the message compose area or using the @prelay bot command
  • Create Plays using the Prelay button in the message compose area or using the @prelay bot command

First you must connect the integration within Prelay. If you haven't finished connecting the integration within Prelay, please do so by following these steps. This needs to be done by an admin of your Microsoft account.

  1. Log into Prelay
  2. Go to Settings > Integrations > Microsoft Teams
  3. Hit "Connect", which will bring you to a page where a Microsoft admin can sign in and grant the Prelay App for Microsoft Teams permissions.
  4. Afterwards, you will be redirected back to Prelay, completing the setup process.

After doing the above, you can find the Prelay App on Microsoft Teams and add it to your team.

Using the App

Once the Prelay integration and the Microsoft Teams app have been installed, the following features will be available.

  • Users will begin to receive notifications relevant to their activity via a conversation
  • Users can make updates from Microsoft Teams based on the type of notification received (like comment or change a status)
  • Users can use the @prelay bot to create an Assist or a Play within Microsoft Teams
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