Aligning Sales & Presales teams

Modern Sales Pros Panel

Have a seat with Gabriella DeFlorio (Prelay's CEO), Janelle Todd (, and Richard Sgro (MSP) to discuss what it means for sales and presales to be aligned, why it's so difficult, and how to get it right.

If your sales team isn't  aligned with presales the gaps in the process might seem inconsequential as you're working through discoveries and demos. But, if you don't have your processes and roles correctly defined, those deals are going to be much harder to close, and diminsh your customer experience. Don't let your win rate suffer, align your internal teams to prevent deal slippage.

Topics Covered:
-3 tactical ways sales leaders can improve alignment
-Addressing process gaps in deal process
-How to move customers through the deal cycle quickly with the best experience possible

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"Prelay streamlines the sales tech stack and drives collaborative sales motion across the organization. Anyone with complex sales cycles needs to learn the Prelay method."

Weisen Lio
Weisen Li
Former VP of RevOps & ActiveCampaign, Narvar, Box